■ Bar Soap & Shampoo (Dish Soap & Hand Soap are provided.)
■ Coffee (Full-sized coffee maker with filters are provided.)
■ Additional Towels (We provide some towels. Each cabin has 8 bath towels, 8 wash clothes, 8 hand towels and 4 beach towels. If you are staying a week, we will provide fresh towels mid-week.)
■ Additional Paper Products - Napkins, Toilet Paper, Paper Towels (We provide your first roll of paper towels, your first 2-rolls of toilet paper, and a full napkin holder. Paper plates & aluminum foil are nice if you don’t want to do dishes.)
■ Garbage Bags (We provide first two.) Each cabin has 3 garbage bins. One is in the kitchen and two are outside your cabin. Please feel free to move the outside bins for your convenience to your nearest picnic table or gathering. When your kitchen bin is full, please throw the trash into one of your outside cans. We will come around to empty the outside bins only. Your replacement kitchen bag will be at the bottom of the inside of the bin.)
■ Fan Each cabin has a ceiling fan. You may bring a fan if you would like additional circulation.
■ Flash Light (Each cabin comes with one lantern.)
■ Food & Ice (Each cabin has a full-size refrigerator/freezer with ice cube trays. If you anticipate using a lot of ice, a bag of ice is convenient. Many guests bring coolers for convenience.)
■ Radio (Music is a nice addition to the beach or on your deck. However, please be considerate of others.)
■ Fishing Poles & Accessories (Gil-Roys Hardware in town is your one-stop-shop for all fishing needs.)
■ Inflatable Rafts and Inner Tubes (Our beach and water, perfect for all ages to enjoy wading or floating, very gradually deepens to 6-feet before dropping off.)
■ A Motor for the Rowboat (We have no powered watercraft on property. Each cabin has one rowboat. There are 2 kayaks & 2 paddle boards to share between all cabins.)
■ Firewood (Firewood is available in town. Michigan has established a law which makes transporting firewood from one area to another area illegal due to insects & disease.)
NOTE: All cabins are non-smoking.